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4 Star Review By Kenyatta Jones

Excellent service! Food was surprisingly ready by the time we even sat down. They have a pretty good system down for both back & front of the house allowing to operate like a well oiled machine! Excellent team work. (Please give the staff a raise!) Burgers taste very good. Juicy, cooked just right, and the buns practically melt in your mouth! Definitely a fantastic fast food burger joint. Gotta say though, Fives Guys is just a sliver better especially when it comes to flavor and quantity (even though you might be spending a bit more). That's just my opinion though.

Kenyatta Jones Jun 19th, 2022 Google

5 Star Review By Henna Shah

If you are going to do fast food and craving a burger this is perfect! Their staff is sooo Chick-fil-A friendly. I haven't tried their custard yet, but looks so tempting.

Henna Shah Feb 6th, 2022 Google