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Quality is in the Casting.

CAST Landscape® solid-bronze, low-voltage lighting fixtures are the industry’s most durable, reliable and highest performing products. Using the method of sand-casting, we pour molten bronze to create our unique fixtures. Bronze is the ideal metal for landscape lighting. It is imprevious to corrosion, won’t crack, break or peel; and weathers naturally over time to a beautiful patina. Just like a penny or the statue of liberty, bronze is a living finish that changes overtime and can be enjoyed over generations.

Beauty is in the Technology.

As a manufacturer, we take pride in our testing and specification protocols. In order to provide a high-quality light, we set the standard and test all lighting components whether LED or incandescent. With 3rd party testing available for every fixtures in the CAST Landscape® product lines, we can guarantee precision optics, high-quality beam spreads, and long-life light output.

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