Casey’s Restaurant

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5 Star Review By Alias

Oh my goodness how is the food so reasonably priced!? It is so good! Excellent food and service, atmosphere, cleanliness. Be warned though if you get a cinnamon roll they are big enough to feed 4 people! Same with biscuits and gravy! So delicious!💚💚💚

Alias Dec 21st, 2020 Google

5 Star Review By Noryb Sema

Casey's is the quintessential "family diner". I can see why it is popular in this area as the food and service were both solid. The customer service was actually awesome and I felt very welcome and well taken care of. Both the Ribeye and the Country Fried Steak were good and the pile of onion rings that came with the meal was massive. I am looking forward to going again and try a few other things on the menu and recommend this place to anyone looking for a good regular place to eat in the Roseburg area.

Noryb Sema Mar 1st, 2021 Google