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First and foremost, we’re a start up.  We are not fertilizer development engineers.  We are not chemists.  We’re two people with a vision, a passion, a strong will, and a desire to do something more for the planet.  We wanted to do something our children could see and experience, and benefit as a tangible, physical accomplishment.  And being a start up, we’ve had to learn a lot.  Every bit of it.  We called on our experience of agronomics and manufacturing, but developed a product, a technology wildly different than what’s currently on the market.

We love turfgrass.  Well, Matt loves turfgrass.  John likes flexing his brain muscle with larger than life challenges.  He started in the renewable energy sector and saw gaps, wastes, and great potential to participate in the circular economy. Then he found some engineer types to develop some organization around some really wild ideas.

Matt was frustrated with the turf and ornamental industry.  For a decade, the big companies would never make the product he wanted.  But with John Borden, they together developed a new vision, a new product, and a new technology.

We became wildly obsessed with producing a sustainable fertilizer that builds soil organic carbon without a bunch of human waste that could potentially cause environmental problems. And though it started on a rainy day bar napkin, we never let the dream die. We called in many many favors to make this a reality

We walked through trials of fire and tested it relentlessly but continued to find one result: it produced kick ass grass.

So with a little luck, a little time, and a very little sleep, John built a manufacturing plant in rural Kentucky, and Carbon Earth Co was born.

Now, our dream of making every lawn a carbon farm, sucking carbon out of the air and storing it in the soil, is coming true, one lawn at a time.  You see, when you apply our fertilizer technology to lawns, you are participating in an evolutionary movement.  The unique blend of biochar, peptides, kelp, and organic binders create a unique slow release nutrient delivery method.

The byproduct of our slow release technology delivers a soil with higher organic carbon, greater soil surface area, higher CECs, and a lawn that can now fix more atmospheric carbon than any other lawn maintained with a granular fertilizer.

You’re not just changing lawns, you’re changing the environment – one lawn at a time.

“We are stewards of the environment, we are stewards of the planet. It is our responsibility.”

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