Adriatic Grill | Mediterranean Restaurant

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5 Star Review By Anthony Davis

This is on of the best Mediterranean restaurants I've encountered in this area or anywhere. Nothing compares. They offer steak sauce and hot sauce along with ketchup salt and pepper but you don't need any of these as the flavor is a great alone. I had the Doner beef and lamb which was amazing the house sauce was delicious! Definitely recommend trying this place!

Anthony Davis Aug 17th, 2022 Google

5 Star Review By Samantha Adams

The food is amazing. I highly recommend the beef & lamb gyro and the baklava. I’m sure everything else is probably great, but I love the gyro so much I ordered it the second time I came, too. I loved it so much I came back a second time three days after my first visit. The staff is super kind, too. As far as the gyro goes -the pita is amazing -the meat is flavorful and NOT dried out -there’s an adequate amount of toppings and meat They have several flavors of baklava’s to try too. Highly recommend trying a few. Pictured here are the Nutella and pistachio ones. I had the regular one on my first visit and decided to branch out this time.

Samantha Adams Jul 29th, 2021 Google