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Spreadsheets are so … well, you know. Old. 

Manage All Of Your Contacts In Our Marketing CRM

Still using spreadsheets or notepads to manage your contacts? Why?

Not happy with your current CRM? We’ve got you covered.

With WhirLocal Lead Connector, you can easily manage all your contacts in one central location.

  • Contact records
  • Smart lists
  • Tags
  • Custom fields
  • and much more…

Plus, if you’re using the WhirLocal chat widget, Facebook messenger, Google chat, or Instagram DM integration, all contacts go directly into your marketing CRM. 

Book appointments online
Book appointments online

Capture leads with dynamic web forms and surveys

Capture leads through contact forms and surveys, and directly integrate them into our website or funnel builder or embed them on your own website. 

Our drag-n-drop form and survey builder is easy to use and powerful. 

Automated workflows enable you to notify your team with texts and emails as well as send out an autoresponder to every lead. 

Save time and money with pre-built SMS and email templates for all of your communication needs

Do you find yourself sending the same information over and over again to your prospects and customers? 

Save time by creating SMS and email templates so you don’t have to start from scratch with every conversation.

    Book appointments online
    Book appointments online

    Nurture your warm contacts with our email marketing tool by sending email newsletters to your list

    Communicate and nurture your warm contacts with email newsletters. 

    Replace tools like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, or Active Campaign.

    Or, send SMS texts to your contacts who have opted-in for text messaging. 

    Did you know? Research shows that SMS open rates are as high as 98%

    Note: We do not allow cold email to purchased lists, scraped lists, etc.