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Review Guidelines

Spam, Duplicate, or Fake Review

The content of your review should accurately and genuinely describe your experience at the company or organization. Don’t write a fake review, don’t write the same review more than once, and don’t write multiple reviews for the same company or organization with different accounts.

Irrelevant Content

Do not publish a review with content that is not relevant to your experience at the specific company or organization. WhirLocal’s review feature is not a public forum for social or political commentary, rants, or personal advertisements. Reviews that appear irrelevant to the company or organization, or aren’t representative of an authentic review of a business-client interaction, will be subject to removal.


The content of your review should not contain advertisements or promotions for external products or services that do not pertain to the experience you had with the specific company or organization. This can include anything from coupon codes to links that lead to other products or services, and may also include explicitly promoting a different company or organization on a specific company or organization’s profile.

Obscene, Profane, and Offensive Language

Obscene, profane, and/or offensive language have no place on WhirLocal and will be removed. This includes reviews that are personal attacks or otherwise defamatory.

Mature Content

WhirLocal does not allow reviews to contain any calls-to-action or offers for products or services that may be subject to state-regulated laws and regulations, such as alcohol, tobacco, guns, gambling, adult services, drugs, medical devices, financial services, and more.

WhirLocal does not allow:

  • Links leading to a point of purchase for any of the above products or services
  • Contact information for the distribution of any of the above products or services
  • Special offers (such as coupons, discount codes, or pricing information) for any of the above products or services.
  • Reviews that contain content depicting illegal activity including, but not limited to, infringing on someone’s legal rights, organ sales, sexual abuse, human trafficking, rape, illegal drugs and/or prescription drugs being sold illegally, violence, terrorism, and products from endangered or poached animals.

Sexually Explicit Content

WhirLocal does not allow any sexually explicit content on the platform under any circumstances.

Terrorist Content

We explicitly prohibit terrorists or terrorist organizations to utilize WhirLocal for any and all purposes. We do not allow any content that promotes terrorism or terrorist acts, encourages or calls for violence, celebrates terrorist attacks, or is otherwise related to terrorism or terrorist groups.

Dangerous or Discriminatory Content

We do not allow dangerous or discriminatory content, which includes content that intends or threatens to harm someone or a group of people (including oneself), contains harassment or intimidation, or promotes hatred and/or discrimination against an individual or group on the basis of their race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, nationality, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender, or gender identity. Any content that violates these guidelines will be removed.

False Identity

Do not publish a review under a name, email, or company name that is not your own. Reviews that do not follow this guideline may be determined as false, misleading, or spam content and will be subject to removal.

Other Prohibited Review Practices

Do not write a review for your own business or organization. Do not write a review describing your employment experience at a company or organization where you worked or formerly worked. Do not write a review on a competitor’s profile in order to change their review score or influence potential customers.

At WhirLocal, we value the importance of honest, genuine reviews.