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Alyssa Donnelly5 Spring Cleaning Tips to Create a Tidy Living Environment

5 Spring Cleaning Tips to Create a Tidy Living Environment

Every person has their own preferred method of cleaning. Some will dive in head-first and scrub, clean, and polish the whole house over a productive weekend. Others prefer to tackle designated sections over a period of time or on a schedule. Still, many people find cleaning to be an overwhelming chore. While there's no right or wrong way to approach the task, here are a few tips to help you get the job done. 1. Deep Clean One Room at a Time Try deep cleaning just one room at once. This c…
Alyssa DonnellyConsiderations When Buying a Used Car

Considerations When Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car can be challenging. However, it can be a lot easier when you know what factors to consider. Here are some of the most essential. Your Budget One of the first things you should consider before heading out to your neighborhood dealership is your budget. Establishing a set amount of money you are willing to spend can help you to stay within your means and can narrow down the scope of cars that you will potentially buy. Its History Of course, you will want to know the …
Alyssa Donnelly3 Great Ways to Plan the Perfect Spring Picnic

3 Great Ways to Plan the Perfect Spring Picnic

The perfect spring picnic begins with a few fabulous ideas and a little planning. The following tips will help you put together an unforgettable springtime feast that your family and neighborhood friends will love. 1. Pick a Location Location is one of the most important elements for creating a perfect spring picnic. Select an area in your community that captures the essence of spring at a local park or relaxing beach area with blooming trees and foliage. Picnic spots that are easily acce…
Alyssa DonnellyTop 5 Stretches To Relieve Chronic Sitting

Top 5 Stretches To Relieve Chronic Sitting

Sitting all day can build tension in the body. Not only can it cause physical health issues, but it can also affect people’s energy and level and mood. Increase Flexibility Through Stretching 1. Thoracic Extension. The thoracic spine refers to the section of the upper back that sits between the cervical area of the neck and the lumbar spine. To use the stretch, clasp both hands behind the top of your head, and slowly, pull backward. This is a gentle stretch to help alleviate upper back …
Alyssa Donnelly3 Tips for Taking Better Care of Your Garbage Disposal

3 Tips for Taking Better Care of Your Garbage Disposal

Maintaining the health of your garbage disposal is important to keep it in good working order, and it reduces the costs associated with having to call in a professional for future repairs or replacements. Add these easy-to-remember steps to your kitchen-cleaning checklist to ensure that your garbage disposal smoothly functions for years to come. Clean It Regularly Frequently cleaning your garbage disposal quickly removes food and other waste that may cause sludge buildup and clogging issu…
Tim FahndrichWhy Buying Local Matters More Than Ever

Why Buying Local Matters More Than Ever

April 2021 Letter from the Publisher, Tim Fahndrich.

As we head firmly into Spring of 2021, I had a chance to reflect a little on where we've been during the past year.

A year ago, we were all scrambling to understand what the Covid-19 pandem…

Alyssa Donnelly3 Curb Appeal Projects for Spring

3 Curb Appeal Projects for Spring

Spring is the best time to do fun outdoor projects that will get the exterior of your home ready for the season while dramatically boosting its curb appeal. Here are a few fast and easy spring projects that'll improve the quality and value of your home without costing you a fortune.

Spruce Up Your Lawn and Garden

Giving your front yard a rejuvenating update after the long winter months is just the thing to increase your home's curb appeal. Manicuring your lawn and trimming trees and bushe…

Alyssa DonnellyEating Seasonal and Locally Grown Produce Can Prompt Health Benefits

Eating Seasonal and Locally Grown Produce Can Prompt Health Benefits

Most store-bought foods contain artificial flavors, high salt, sugar content, and little nutritional value. Today, there is a widespread use of pesticides and other harmful chemical toxins in agriculture. Foods that must remain fresh for extended storage usually will contain high amounts of these unwanted toxins. 1. Local Seasonal Produce Contains More Nutrients The longer a food source must be preserved—in order to survive long shipping distances and sitting on grocery store shelves—…
Alyssa DonnellyTop Tax Season Tips and When to Call a Professional

Top Tax Season Tips and When to Call a Professional

The IRS advises to file your taxes early if possible. This helps to avoid last-minute stress that could increase the chances of making a mistake or missing the deadline altogether. Incomplete, wrong, or late tax-related information on the required forms may result in steep fines, delays in processing, and could possibly trigger an audit. Here are a few ways to increase your tax filing efficiency.

Gather and Organize Your Tax-Related Data Ahead of Time

Procrastinating is not the best appro…

Tim FahndrichUnderstanding the Differences Between Swedish Massage and Deep-Tissue Massage

Understanding the Differences Between Swedish Massage and Deep-Tissue Massage

Receiving a massage can be an excellent way to relax and relieve certain types of aches or pains plaguing your body. However, you may benefit even more by getting a specialized type of massage, such as a deep-tissue or Swedish massage. Knowing the difference between the two can help you make an informed decision on the best choice for your body. What is Swedish Massage? Swedish massage is a common form of massage which is designed to help you relax, relieve surface muscle tension, and imp…
Tim FahndrichTop 3 Reasons to Work With a Real Estate Agent

Top 3 Reasons to Work With a Real Estate Agent

With new advances in technology, many industries are changing—including real estate. Even with all of these brand-new technologies, however, there are still reasons you should work with a real estate agent if you're trying to find a home.It might seem like it’s easy to do your own home search. There are many real estate listing websites where you can browse properties like a catalog. Also, because of the broker fees, many individuals consider going it alone when trying to find a home. You s…
Tim FahndrichHow Do You Know You Need Glasses?

How Do You Know You Need Glasses?

An increased loss in vision often sneaks up on someone. Like many others, you probably unconsciously compensate in ways like squinting or moving closer to something to read it. But as the effort to see becomes more noticeable or inconvenient, you may start wondering if you need glasses.

Only an exam by an eye doctor can give you a definite answer. The exam usually starts with measuring how clearly you can see, and additional testing includes checking your peripheral vision and the overall health…

Tim FahndrichTips for Choosing the Best Auto Repair Shop

Tips for Choosing the Best Auto Repair Shop

When you need a mechanic, it's important to find just the right auto repair shop. You need a place that you can trust to be honest with you about the repairs your vehicle needs. Following these tips will make finding the right shop easier. Ask Relevant, Important Questions It always helps to talk to the head mechanic at any repair shop before giving them your business. There are certain questions you will need the answers to so you can make an informed decision.One of them should be w…
Tim FahndrichMarch 24th is National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day!

March 24th is National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day!

Yes, those yummy morsels of raisins covered in chocolate are a perfect treat on any day. When it comes to a National Day, a chocolate covered raisin or a box of them is worth celebrating. On March 24th, National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day cele…
Tim Fahndrich3 Essential Tasks to Clean Up Your Yard This Spring

3 Essential Tasks to Clean Up Your Yard This Spring

Once the wintry weather passes and the temperatures start to rise, you are ready to head outside and enjoy the warmth. When you step outside, however, you'll probably notice that your property needs a lot of work to get it looking presentable. Below…

Tim Fahndrich3 Tips for Creating a Walking Routine

3 Tips for Creating a Walking Routine

Walking can help you maintain your body weight, prevent diseases, and prolong your life. Walking regularly can also lower your blood sugar and reduce your risk of developing coronary heart disease. Although walking is a simple practice, the motivation might be hard to come by.

Nothing is more irritating than feeling like you are wasting time during your exercise. That’s why creating a routine is essential before you get started. It offers you a structure on how to perform the exercise, so you …

Tim FahndrichTips to Help Prepare for Family Photos

Tips to Help Prepare for Family Photos

Family photos are a great way to update friends and relatives about your immediate family in the yearly Christmas card. They are also a great tool for 20 years down the road when you want to get nostalgic. Here are some tips on how to prepare for family photos.

Get Plenty of Sleep

You don't want to look tired in your family photos. Prepare by getting sufficient sleep the night before. Avoid sugar and caffeine before bed and turn off all electronics when it's time to get into bed. Encourag…

Tim FahndrichRoof Maintenance Tips and When to Replace Your Roof

Roof Maintenance Tips and When to Replace Your Roof

Your roof is a crucial part of your home that is used more often than you may realize. It protects you from the elements and provides insulation for your home. Thus, you need to ensure that you take care of it. The following are expert tips to help you maintain your roof and keep it in top condition.

1. Treat for Algae, Moss, and Lichen Annually

Allowing algae, moss, and lichen to grow can produce an unsightly appearance and cause extensive damage to your roof. This growth usually occurs …

Tim FahndrichIs Bankruptcy Right for You?

Is Bankruptcy Right for You?

If you are considering bankruptcy, it likely means you are unable to repay your debts. Declaring it means you are attempting to enter a legally-protected status that will enable you to work with your creditors to find an alternative arrangement for paying back what you owe.

On the plus side, bankruptcy enables you to alter the method by which you repay your debts. Debt can often be discharged, and you will be legally protected as you repay your debts. When the process is over, you'll essentiall…

Tim FahndrichEffective DIY Carpet Stain Removal Options

Effective DIY Carpet Stain Removal Options

If you have carpet in your home or office, there are likely to be stains that appear from various sources. Most stains occur from spills, shoes, or even pets, but many can be removed with DIY stain removers. It is helpful to know a few DIY carpet stain removal tricks to keep your carpet looking good throughout its lifetime. Consider using these ideas the next time you decide to tackle a stain and find out how to determine when it's time to call a professional to get the job done.

Simple Solu…

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