Looking for a caterer who goes above and beyond? Take a look at The Crazy Caterer! Based in Aurora, Colorado, The Crazy Caterer provides unrivaled flexibility in creating the ideal menu for your occasion or personal needs.

The Crazy Caterer staff has more than 25 years of professional kitchen expertise and can handle any cultural style or dish you can think of, making them one of the most highly regarded catering services in the area. However, their assistance does not end there. Personal chef services are also available from The Crazy Caterer, allowing you to enjoy stress-free, healthy meals with your loved ones.

One of the things that distinguishes The Crazy Caterer is their dedication to client service. They are available for emergencies and have been able to pull through on same-day events, which is very useful when life strikes and you are unable to provide the standard one-week notice most other caterers require.

Even if you don’t have an event or want personal chef services, you can enjoy Kim’s delicious meals with pickup or delivery from The Crazy Coops. This is a win-win with lower rates and better customer service than big-name meal delivery providers. When you order by phone, mention “WhirLocal” for a 10% discount. (720) 345-2275 Or use the storefront link to save $3 on orders of $15 or more.

Overall, The Crazy Caterer is a local gem that genuinely cares for their customers’ and their needs. The Crazy Caterer has something for everyone, from catering events to personal chef services to exquisite pickup or delivery meals. So why not give them a shot and see what makes them so unique? After all, the only time any of the one-hundred plus reviews ever found something to gripe about was when an extra bag of ice was needed at the bar during a wedding!

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