Most store-bought foods contain artificial flavors, high salt, sugar content, and little nutritional value. Today, there is a widespread use of pesticides and other harmful chemical toxins in agriculture. Foods that must remain fresh for extended storage usually will contain high amounts of these unwanted toxins.

1. Local Seasonal Produce Contains More Nutrients

The longer a food source must be preserved—in order to survive long shipping distances and sitting on grocery store shelves—the greater chance that valuable nutrients they once carried are long gone.

The good news is that people can purchase seasonal produce from nearby farms, local grocery stores, and other local produce markets that will have these health-boosting nutrients. Supporting your local agricultural networks helps to keep your community’s economy healthy and thriving as an added consumer bonus.

two smiling farmers selling locally grown vegetables at market

2. Fresh Foods Have Fewer Toxins and Taste Better

Whenever fresh foods can be taken from a nearby farm, farmer’s market, or from your neighbor’s backyard vegetable garden, there is less need to use pesticides and preservatives known to be bad for health. Some of these chemicals are known carcinogens and can cause serious health ailments.

Foods that come directly from a farm or community garden have the added benefit of tasting better and fresher than store-bought food products. Many smaller farms grow their crops via organic farming methods, which are safer for human consumption.

3. Eating Locally-Grown Produce In-Season May Help With Digestive Health

Many people neglect to realize that what they eat truly does matter when it comes to staying healthy. Foods that are over-processed and contain undesirable additives may be attributing to digestive problems such as bloating or indigestion. Eating fresher fruits and vegetables, as well as other whole foods, may help your body’s digestive system get back on track.

Get back to the basics by determining to eat more seasonal produce from your county farms and neighborhood outdoor markets. Your future self will thank you for it!