Consider all of the ways in which people connect to the internet these days. You might enjoy shopping, buying tickets for events, catching up on social media, or conducting research on the best restaurants in your area. You may even attend classes or work virtually. As a result, you find yourself connected to your device for large amounts of time each day, which can become unhealthy. Having a more balanced approach to internet usage can provide you with a healthier digital life and a more peaceful mind.

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Try Other Hobbies

Scrolling through social media can easily become a distraction or hobby. One way to address this issue is to find a different hobby to occupy your time. You might try out a class at the local community center to see what subjects are of interest to you. Another idea is to pick up an old hobby of yours. Maybe you used to love to play the keyboard, draw, make little crafts, or write poetry. Try your hand at these activities to distract from the internet.

Find Substitutes

While you may not be able to stop working remotely or suddenly start taking in-person classes, you can find substitutions for other internet uses. Instead of browsing the internet for recipes, take out your grandparents’ old recipe book. Use a notebook to journal instead of a notetaking app. Choose to read a book or go for a walk outside instead of scrolling through social media. There are many possibilities!

Set Boundaries With the Web

You don’t need to give up the internet entirely. Doing so would probably be quite challenging in the modern world. Still, there are ways to set boundaries with the internet. You can use a timer to limit the number of minutes you spend on your devices each day and go through your apps to see which ones you really need. Getting rid of some games or social media sites that tend to take up a lot of time can help as well. Even taking a break for a few days can be restful!

Your digital usage should not take over your life. Whether you’ve recently started to feel that you’re spending too much time on your devices or you noticed the issue some time ago, take some actionable steps now to have a more balanced approach to the web.

What are your favorite ways to balance your digital life? Let us know!

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