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If you love the feeling of gathering around a fire in the evenings to relax with friends and family, share stories, or roast marshmallows, a backyard firepit might be just what you need. But should you go with a wood or gas firepit? Let’s go over a few things you need to know before choosing which type to buy.

Wood Firepits

Wood-fueled firepits are typically simpler, cheaper, and easier to install than gas firepits. However, since wood fires release sparks, ash, and other debris into the air, it is especially important to place the firepit in a safe place away from combustible or flammable items. Wood burns bigger and hotter than gas, making wood firepits better for cooking—and all you need is a supply of firewood, something to start a flame, and fire safety know-how.

The downsides of a wood-fueled firepit include the higher difficulty of starting a fire and keeping it going. With wood firepits, you will also experience smoke and ash, which can linger in your clothes or outdoor furniture. Wood firepits also require more cleanup after use, making sure the fire has been properly extinguished and flyaway ash has been swept up.

Gas Firepits

Gas firepits are certainly more convenient than wood firepits. You can start most with a push of a button or flip of a switch as long as you have enough fuel. There’s also no need to chop and store wood, clean up ash, and no smell of smoke lingering on your clothing. You can also still huddle around a gas firepit and cook hot dogs and marshmallows even though the fire won’t be as hot or cook food quite as well as a wood pit. Gas firepits are also typically more sleek and modern.

One of the biggest downsides of gas firepits is the cost. On average, gas firepits cost more to install and require expertise to ensure the gas is set up safely. Whether you use a gas tank or hook the firepit to your home’s natural gas line, you’ll need to regularly check that the connections are secure and leak-free.

Which Is Better?

Ultimately, the choice between a gas firepit and a wood firepit comes down to cost and convenience. If you want to spend less and you like the traditional smell of burning wood, go with a wood firepit. If you have the money to spare, like the modern aesthetic, and aren’t up for trying to start a fire from scratch, a gas pit might be a better choice. To learn more about your options or to start the process of installing a firepit, contact a local contractor in your area today!

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