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Has your computer been giving you trouble lately? Before you make the decision to buy a new one, it might be a good idea to contact a computer repair company. The life of many computers can be extended with just a little tune-up! Let’s go over 4 reasons why you might want to opt for computer repair over a new PC.

1. The Problem May Be Minor or Easily Fixable

What may seem like a huge problem in the moment could turn out to be an easy fix for a computer repair professional. If it’s a software issue, they will try to determine what is triggering the error and suggest a resolution for you or offer a software patch if available. For hardware issues, they may provide troubleshooting steps that you can try yourself, or they’ll look deeper to diagnose the problem. They may find an easy fix, discover that a more serious repair is needed, or advise that it might not be worth fixing at all.

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2. The Age of Your Device

If your computer is relatively new—for example, less than 3 years old—and you still want to get a few years of good usage out of it, consulting a computer repair professional might be your best choice if you’re having a problem. Many computer repair companies can also perform upgrades to your device to extend its lifetime and improve performance—such as switching out a hard drive for a faster solid state drive or upgrading your RAM.

3. The Cost and Value of Repairing vs. Buying New

One of the most important things to consider when faced with a broken computer is the cost and value of repairing versus buying new. On one hand, a high-end laptop that needs a major repair may be worth the repair cost because of how much value the fix can provide over time. On the other hand, an older or base-level laptop may run into issue after issue and cost more money in repairs over time.

4. Usage Level vs. Costs

If you use your computer frequently or for certain things—such as photo editing or competitive gaming—your computer is probably equipped for heavy use and likely less expensive to fix than to replace. Alternatively, if you only use your computer occasionally or for general Internet use, you may find more value in upgrading to a newer model.

Having computer troubles? Contact a trusted computer repair company in your neighborhood to schedule an appointment or get some advice from local experts.