Be The Guide For Your Local Neighborhood

Position yourself as a champion
for local businesses

Engage the community to
buy and support local

Build relationships and generate
more referrals

When it comes to marketing your real estate business do you ever feel … 

Trapped by "Big Tech" sites like Zillow and Facebook?


Tired of paying for ads or leads that don't produce listings or buyers?


Worn out or frustrated by your marketing efforts and feeling torn in every direction?


Exhausted after searching for sellers in this crazy market?

Life is too short to rely on “Big Tech” or hamster wheel marketing. 

Start building relationships in your neighborhood as a local guide for businesses and consumers, generate evergreen marketing content, and generate more referrals today.

Many local businesses are struggling to compete and feel overwhelmed and lost when it comes to online marketing

Consumers want to buy local now more than ever, but they shouldn't have to rely on "Big Tech" consumer sites like Yelp and other "Billion-dollar bullies" who aren't in their local neighborhood


Local businesses and consumers need a local neighborhood guide

You deserve a neighborhood marketing platform that isn’t “Big Tech” and helps you generate more quality referrals in your backyard.

Help consumers discover great local places and content

Help businesses stand out from their competition and thrive


The WhirLocal Neighborhood Guide Program

Designed Specifically For Real Estate Agents

Here’s What You Get As A WhirLocal Neighborhood Guide

Featured neighborhood sponsor status (exclusive - one per industry per neighborhood)


Training and special publishing tools to spotlight local businesses and places in the neighborhood along with fun things to do + see editorials

Powerful, ready-to-use neighborhood marketing and technology platform to market your business and the neighborhood

Build and promote your online presence and reputation to stand out from your competition


Access to a steady stream of professionally-written articles and user-generated content designed to keep content fresh in the neighborhood (great for sharing on your social media channels)

Affiliate referral program that pays you a recurring monthly commission for any paid account upgrades

This is a fully-hosted platform, so you don’t any of the headaches, hassles, and expense of trying to do this on your own. Plus, we provide the training and support you need to be successful with our marketing platform.

Would You Make A Great WhirLocal Neighborhood Guide?


Do you love your local neighborhood and community?


Are you a champion for local businesses and buying local?


Do you love building relationships with other local businesses?


Do you have an outgoing and engaging personality?


Are you comfortable learning and using technology?


Would you enjoy interviewing local businesses on Zoom (or in person when safe)?

If this describes you then you would be a great Neighborhood Guide

Here’s How It Works


Apply For Your Neighborhood


Be A Local Neighborhood Guide


Stand Out & Generate More Referrals

Investment: $2970/yr * (Save 16%)

Or pay $297/mo. with a 12 month agreement.
After 1st year, option to continue to pay annually and save or switch to month-to-month.

* For most neighborhoods. Larger population neighborhoods above 100k population may require an additional investment

We Understand Local Businesses

WhirLocal was built by a local business for local businesses. We are not “Big Tech,” a billion-dollar bully or venture-funded unicorn.

“We’re Local & Proud Of It” ™

Crafted with ❤️ in Salem, Oregon, WhirLocal is 100% developed and supported in the USA.


(This is our office in downtown Salem, Oregon)

WhirLocal Flywheel

Proven Marketing Platform

With our proven marketing platform, we have helped small businesses around the country stand out from their competition so they can be confident in their marketing and thrive. 

Apply for your neighborhood today and, if approved, lock in the following Lead Connector bonuses

SMS Chat Widget

Convert more online traffic by giving visitors the option of connecting the way they prefer – text.

Our SMS chat widget immediately creates a conversation in our lead connector platform so you can text directly from your keyboard and it doesn’t end when they leave your website.

We will install the SMS Chat Widget on your WhirLocal profile. 

website chat widget
CRM and conversations

Two-way SMS text messaging

With our conversations inbox, you can manage two-way conversations from your desktop or a mobile app, without having to give out your personal cell phone number

  • SMS Chat Widget
  • Text or Call Conversations
  • Calendar Confirmations
  • Facebook Messenger

Book Appointments With Ease

Stop going back and forth with your prospects to book an appointment! Book appointments with ease directly on your Google calendar and fill your sales calendar today.

Compare and replace services like, YouCanBookMe, etc.

website chat widget

So, apply today for your neighborhood so you can be a local neighborhood guide, build relationships, and generate more referrals for your real estate business.

Will I be the only real estate agent in the neighborhood?

You will be the exclusive “Featured Neighborhood Sponsor” in the real estate agent category (residential or commercial). This gives you many benefits throughout the neighborhood website.

However, we fully believe that competition is a good thing, and other real estate agents can sign up for either a Basic Free or Grow account ($97/mo). Heck, you may even want to refer them! Having additional real estate agents in the neighborhood legitimizes the platform for consumers and makes your Featured Neighborhood Sponsor status stand out even more.

Couldn't I build this myself?

You could try cobbling together different technologies to try and build your own neighborhood website, but it would be very difficult and expensive to develop the same level of our proprietary marketing and technology platform that you will have instant access to. We’ve invested well over a half-million dollars in our neighborhood marketing and technology platform (so you don’t have to) and can leverage it for a small fraction of that.

What benefits do I receive as a "Featured Neighborhood Sponsor"?

There are four primary benefits of your “Featured Neighborhood Sponsor” status:

  • A featured rotating interactive ad at the top of the neighborhood page. As consumers drill down into the real estate agent (residential or commercial) category, your business will be the only one featured at the top of the page.
  • Featured Neighborhood Sponsor designation on your reviews, blog posts, and projects (could be used for listings)
  • Each month, we will publish a steady stream of professionally-written articles in the neighborhood. As a Featured Neighborhood Sponsor, your business will be featured (in rotation with other PRO accounts in the neighborhood in related industries).
  • Featured Neighborhood Sponsor ad (in rotation with other PRO accounts in the neighborhood in related industries) on “unclaimed” business listings”.

As you can see, PRO accounts will get a lot of visual benefit and exposure in the neighborhood.

What do you do for me?

First of all, we’ve built a powerful, ready-to-use neighborhood marketing and technology platform so you don’t have to. But we don’t stop there.

When you get approved as a WhirLocal neighborhood guide, we will:

  • Add your business profile to the neighborhood as a Featured Neighborhood Sponsor in the real estate agent category (residential or commercial)
  • Create at least 50-100+ local business listings in the neighborhood that you can start building relationships with using our marketing strategies.
  • Provide an onboarding call with our neighborhood marketing specialists
  • Give you access to our training and weekly office hours calls.
  • Plus, all the benefits of the WhirLocal Pro Account to help you stand out from your competition and thrive.


What do I have to do?

We recommend 3 primary strategies to build relationships, generate more referrals, and generate the most success from this program.

  1. The “Local Business Spotlight” strategy: Reach out to local businesses and organizations and interview them. This is typically a 5-7 minute interview over Zoom (which people are used to). We recommend doing this 1-2 times per week. Don’t worry, we provide complete training on how to do these interviews, post them as a spotlight in the neighborhood, and how to share them on your social media channels.
  2. The “Local Guide Content” strategy: We also give you special publishing tools to create or curate local “guide” articles about all the great places and things that you love in the neighborhood. ie “3 local coffeeshops that will satisfy your caffeine cravings”, or “5 things to do in the rain in [neighborhood]”, or “The top 3 pizza places in [neighborhood]” … you get the idea. Consumers love this type of content and it is great for social media as well. We recommend posting 1-2 “guide” articles per week.
  3. The “Claim Listing” strategy: And finally, the platform is built to help local businesses with their online marketing. We make it easy for you to either refer local businesses to sign up or help them “claim” a listing that we created on your behalf. When you follow our local “Claim business” strategy, you can lock that local business into your referral network and get paid a recurring monthly commission if they upgrade to a paid WhirLocal package.

Lead with value for the local business owners, and you will be able to not only build relationships and generate more referrals for your business, but you can help them succeed in their business as well by introducing them to our platform.

What other tools will I need?

In addition to the WhirLocal neighborhood marketing and technology platform that we provide, and your great personality, you will need the following tools and resources:

  1. account: The simplest way to edit videos and graphics. We recommend the Pro account for $12.95/mo.
  2. account: The easiest way to record your local business spotlight interviews. We recommend the Pro account but it is not necessary.
  3. Facebook page: We recommend having a Facebook page for your business so you can share neighborhood content. [FREE]
  4. Instagram Account: Another great social media tool [FREE]
  5. A laptop, desktop computer, or tablet: While you could theoretically run everything from a phone, it is strongly recommended that you have a laptop or desktop computer.
  6. Good Internet Access
How does the affiliate referral program work?

When you help a local business “claim” their listing or you invite a business to sign up for WhirLocal via your unique referral link, you automatically lock them into your referral network. If that business signs up for a paid WhirLocal package, we pay you a 20% recurring monthly commission as long as they are active. Plus, if they happen to refer other local businesses (we make it easy), you get paid a bonus 10% recurring commission if any of their referrals sign up for a paid package.

Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to make the sale. Once they sign up for a free listing or claim their listing, we can assist them and help them understand the value of a paid package.

For more information about our affiliate referral program, click here.

Why are reviews so important for local businesses?

Did you know?

88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

The problem is, when it comes to getting online reviews most local businesses feel frustrated and overwhelmed.

With WhirLocal, we make it easy to generate a steady stream of positive testimonials so you can stand out from your competition and thrive.

Do the neighborhood websites show up in search engine results?

While we can never guarantee that they will (because we aren’t Google), the short answer is YES! Our websites are currently getting a lot of love in the search engines for terms such as “Buy local [neighborhood]” and branded search terms for companies.

Because we’re adding a steady stream of new content every month, and businesses who are using the neighborhood marketing platform also have the ability to generate and publish content (reviews, blog posts, offers, projects), we are always giving the search engines and consumers something new to find and explore.

Can I refer other Neighborhood Guides?

Yes, of course!

You can refer other real estate agents to our Neighborhood Guide program. If they apply and are approved, then you will earn the affiliate referral commission of 20% on their paid package. PLUS, as they become active and refer or sign up other businesses in their neighborhood, you can earn a 10% bonus recurring commission on any of their referrals who sign up for a paid WhirLocal package.

For more information about our affiliate referral program, click here.

Do I have to provide support for local places in the neighborhood?

No, we handle technical support for local places in the neighborhood for both free and paid accounts. 

However, it does make sense for you to be an active user of the platform so you can demonstrate that you are “eating your own groceries”.