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You know how …

When we as consumers turn to the internet to find local places and content, we’re often faced with using impersonal, “big tech” websites that don’t live, work and play in our neighborhood.

At WhirLocal (pronounced ‘we’re local’), we believe that consumers and businesses alike deserve better.

That’s why we created WhirLocal.io, a Digital Neighborhood Magazine designed to help consumers discover great local places and content and to help local businesses like yours thrive.

Interesting Articles & Local Content

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WhirLocal Office In Salem Oregon

(This is our office in downtown Salem, Oregon)

We Understand Local

WhirLocal was built by a local business for local businesses. We are not “big-tech”, a billion-dollar bully or venture-funded unicorn.

With our growing network of local neighborhoods, places, and Neighborhood Guides, we like to say “We’re Local & Proud Of It”

Crafted with ❤️ in Salem, Oregon, WhirLocal is 100% developed and supported in the USA.

We Help Local Businesses Thrive

WhirLocal provides an interactive neighborhood ad AND a proven, 5-part digital marketing strategy.

We have helped small businesses around the country stand out from their competition so they can be confident in their marketing and thrive.

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Can A Magazine Ad, Billboard, Radio, Or TV Ad Do All Of The Following?

“97% of consumers use the internet to find a local business” 


Free WhirLocal Account

Boost your online presence with an interactive neighborhood magazine ad and business profile

  • Unlike traditional static ads, your neighborhood ad is interactive.
  • And, your business profile often shows up in search engine results for your brand, boosting your overall online presence as well.

Be The Exclusive “Featured Neighborhood Sponsor” In Your Category

(Pro Accounts Only – Subject to availability)

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“88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation” 


Make a great first impression with positive reviews and social proof

  • Generate reviews on autopilot
  • Automatically market your positive testimonials in the neighborhood
  • Give and receive recommendations and referrals
  • Showcase your review badge on your website, in your email signature, and more

Available Upgrades:

  • Generate and market reviews on Facebook, Google, and more (Grow, Pro)
  • Generate and market reviews from niche-specific review sites (Pro)
  • Automatically showcase reviews on your website (Grow, Pro)

“[Content marketing] is all the marketing we have left”

~Seth Godin

Increase your reach and authority with content marketing using our neighborhood publishing tools

  • Blog posts
  • Special offers
  • Projects and galleries
  • All of your content is automatically published in the neighborhood magazine newsfeed
  • Pro Upgrade: Done-with-you content posting (you write – we post. Up to 4 posts per month)

Amplify your message with social media marketing 

Share your content on social media

  • Easy share your content (reviews, blog posts, projects, offers) on social media
  • Leverage the magazine content and places and never run out of social media content again 
  • Share our beautiful review images on social media, print and frame in your office,
  • and more
WhirLocal Review Image

Available Upgrades:

  • Connect to Zapier to automatically share your WhirLocal reviews and blog posts to your social media channels. (DIY or Done-for-you available as an add-on)

Save Time With Marketing Automation Tools

WLIO landing page example

Build landing pages, forms, and automated email campaigns for advanced marketing automation

  • Custom form builder
  • Custom drag-n-drop landing page builder
  • Custom email campaign builder

(Available with the Grow & Pro Plans)

Marketing automation is like having an extra employee without paying their salary or buying an extra desk. 

Custom, done-for-you marketing automation is available as an add-on for Pro accounts.


“89% of consumers prefer sending a text vs calling a local business” 


Grow Sales With Our Lead Connector Add-on

SMS Text Chat Widget

Connect with prospects quickly by letting them send you a text! (without giving out your personal cell phone number)

  • Use on your WhirLocal business profile
  • Have your webmaster put it on your website

(up to 5000 SMS texts per month. One text includes up to 153 characters)


wlio website chat widget
CRM and conversations

 Two-way Messaging

With our conversations inbox, you can manage two-way messaging from your desktop or a mobile app.

  • Website SMS Chat
  • Text or Call Conversations
  • Calendar Confirmations
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Google My Business (coming soon!)

Book Appointments With Ease

Stop going back and forth with your prospects to book an appointment! Book appointments with ease directly on your Google calendar and fill your sales calendar today.

Compare and replace services like Calend.ly, YouCanBookMe, etc.

(Up to 5 calendars)

Book appointments online

How Much Does It Cost To Advertise In A Traditional Print Magazine?

magazine ad rates

Unlike traditional, static magazine ads, WhirLocal is an interactive ad and proven marketing framework.

Can a traditional ad do everything we can with our Digital Neighborhood Magazine ?


  • Improve your overall online presence and get found in the search engines?
  • Generate and market online reviews?
  • Publish a steady stream of content without having to pay extra?
  • Build a recommendation wall?
  • Generate referrals?
  • Share content on social media?
  • Build sales with marketing automation?
  • Integrate an online chat widget?
  • … and more?

We’re not saying targeted magazine and traditional ads can’t be effective. They certainly can be! In fact, we can actually help make them MORE effective by using our marketing framework and tools. 

How Much Would You Expect To Pay For All Of This?

IF it were possible to actually compare to a static print ad, we believe a WhirLocal Pro Account, which includes the Featured Neighborhood Sponsorship and all the benefits that come with it, could easily be compared to a two-panel ad in a traditional magazine. 

Fortunately, your investment with WhirLocal isn’t anywhere close! 

Advertising & Marketing Packages

Billing Cycle: Yearly (save 16%) Monthly


0 /mo
  • Interactive Neighborhood Ad & Business Profile
  • WhirLocal Review Generation & Marketing
  • Recommendations
  • DIY Content Publishing Tools (Blog Posts / Offers / Projects)
  • DIY Social Sharing Tools
  • Affiliate Referral Program
  • Email Support
  • DIY Package


97 /mo 970 /yr
  • All Basic Features Plus
  • Priority "Grow" Neighborhood Ad
  • Easily Generate Reviews On Sites Like Google & Facebook
  • Display & Market Google & Facebook Reviews
  • Website Reviews Integration
  • Email & Phone Support
  • And More ...
  • DIY Package


2970 /yr 297 /mo
  • All Grow Features Plus
  • Featured Neighborhood Sponsor Ad
  • Done-with-you (DWY) Review Generation
  • Display & Market Reviews From Additional Niche-Specific Review Sites
  • DWY Content Publishing (you write - we post)
  • Lead Connector Add-on (Included in Annual Plan Otherwise $200/mo Add-on)
  • Priority Zoom Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are reviews and positive testimonials so important?

You’re losing business to your competitors if you aren’t being proactive about leveraging testimonials and social proof in your marketing.

Positive testimonials and social proof help you stand out from your competition and grow your business. Period.


Can I seen an example Digital Neighborhood Magazine?
How do you help generate more reviews?

We make it easy to generate a steady stream of positive reviews. Here are our two most popular tools:

  1. Kiosk or 'Check-in' Mode: Use our kiosk or 'check-in' mode to make it easy to get your customers into your review funnel. Once you capture their contact information, it automatically triggers the Review Invite Email Campaign and optional SMS text message.  [See Example]
  2. Upload Contacts: Upload a contact list and easily ask them for reviews using our automated Review Invite Email Campaign.

Both of these methods drive your customers into your Review Funnel, making it easy to generate a steady stream of positive reviews.

What do you mean by Recommendations?

We've built an easy way for you to build a virtual recommendation wall of other places on WhirLocal that you know, like, and trust. This helps build social proof for your business or organization. You can be recommended by unlimited places, and each account level has specific limits on how many businesses you can recommend. [See Example]

What are the Neighborhood Publishing Tools?

Content is king! We've given you the ability to publish blog posts, projects, and special offers. This helps build social proof and can grow your business. 

What is a Neighborhood Magazine Newsfeed?

Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Nextdoor, and other sites all have newsfeeds. The problem is, these newsfeeds are not focused on your local neighborhood. We've built hyper-local neighborhood newsfeeds so you can see what is going on in your neighborhood without all the drama and content you don't need. [See Example]

Can this help me with my social media marketing?

Yes! We've developed a proprietary TURBO Content Framework ™ to help you generate content and answer the question of "What do I post?" on my social media channels. With our WhirLocal Plus plan, we provide a done-for-you social media posting service using this framework. 

WhirLocal TURBO Content Framework ™

Can I see an example "Community Hub"?

Of course. Here is a "Buy local" community hub that we are running in Salem Oregon to promote Salem area businesses.

What is the affiliate referral program?

As a WhirLocal Affiliate, you earn recurring commissions in two ways;

1) Direct referral commissions of 20% (recurring) when someone signs up for a WhirLocal membership through your Unique Affiliate URL and buys or upgrades to a paid membership account.

2) Bonus referral commissions of 10% (recurring) when someone signs up for a WhirLocal membership through the Unique Affiliate URL of one of your direct referrals and buys or upgrades to a paid membership account.