We were recently able to work with Valley Insurance Professionals to transform their website and brand messaging. Their goal for the new site was to make it modern, accessible, and understandable. Valley Insurance Professionals knows insurance can be complex and confusing, and they have helped thousands of clients to clearly understand their insurance options—now, their website clearly reflects their mission. 

Valley Insurance Website Home Page 1

The home page immediately paints a picture of what you can expect when you work with Valley Insurance Professionals, including: 

  • Who they are (“Oregon & Washington Insurance Agency”)
  • How they will make their clients’ lives better (They offer “The right insurance coverage at a price that fits your budget”)
  • What clients can do to get started (“Connect With Us” or “Get A Quote”)
  • Three benefits of working with their company over other insurance agencies (“Local & Independent,” “Real People Language,” and “Peace of Mind”)


Valley Insurance Professional’s phone number is prominently located in the top right corner to make it easy to call. A simplified menu structure improves navigation and user experience. The menu stays visible as the user scrolls, meaning the call-to-action buttons are always accessible. The website colors seamlessly tie into their logo, and the background image is welcoming and personable.

In the lower left corner, a hovering ADA widget offers accessibility options such as text reading, image descriptions, and magnification. This ADA widget is included in all websites designed by Third River Marketing. 

Valley Insurance Website Home Page 2

The second section of the homepage defines the problems many potential clients face: they are overwhelmed, confused, or frustrated when it comes to insurance. By empathizing with the consumer, Valley Insurance Professionals starts connecting with potential clients before anyone picks up the phone or begins an email. The following “Connect With Us” button leads website visitors to start a conversation and learn more.

Valley Insurance Website Home Page 3

The next section continues to reach potential clients through the words “You Deserve Better.” Valley Insurance Professionals strives to come alongside clients, help them understand their options, and let them become the hero of their own insurance buying journey. The repeated call-to-action button reinforces what potential clients should do to get started.

Valley Insurance Website Home Page 4

The fourth section reiterates the fact that Valley Insurance Professionals understands the issues people experience when it comes to insurance—and they know the solution. Their client-centric messaging, paired with the photo of a happy couple in the background, communicates the idea that working with Valley Insurance Professionals will help clients be confident with their insurance decisions.

Valley Insurance Website Home Page 5

Working with Valley Insurance is an easy three-step plan:

  1. Connect With Us
  2. Get Your Questions Answered
  3. Get the right coverage at an affordable price

The “Connect With Us” button is again front and center, allowing potential clients to take action at nearly any point in the home page.

Valley Insurance Website Home Page 6

The next section of the home page depicts the types of insurance offered by Valley Insurance Professionals. Hovering over each of the images will offer a description of that insurance type, and clicking on the image will link to the respective page. This section is interactive and descriptive at a glance, which makes it easier for potential clients to engage with the website content.

Valley Insurance Website Home Page 7

We wholeheartedly believe that positive testimonials and social proof are the key to a powerful online presence, which is why we included some great testimonials on the home page. We also set Valley Insurance Professionals up with a WhirLocal account so they can continue to receive great testimonials and share their social proof.

Valley Insurance Website Home Page 8

Valley Insurance Website Home Page 9

The final section presents an invitation to start a conversation with Valley Insurance Professionals so they can help clients become confident with their insurance coverage at a price that fits their budgets.

Valley Insurance Website Home Page 10

The website footer contains Valley Insurance Professionals’ location, contact information, and the areas they serve in the Pacific Northwest. A link to their Facebook page is located in the lower right corner so people can stay connected with them on social media. This footer is visible on each page of their website.

Keys to transforming Valley Insurance Professionals’ online presence:

  • Clear brand message and personal voice throughout the site
  • Clear calls-to-action (“Connect With Us” and “Get A Quote”)
  • Large photos, cohesive colors, and modern design
  • Scannable sections
  • Testimonials and social proof
  • Easily-found contact information
  • Accessibility assistance


Visit the site: Valley Insurance Professionals (https://valleyinsurancepro.com).

Check out the before and after photos in our gallery below.