We are excited to announce the tremendous redesign of our Third River Marketing website. We wanted our site to be cohesive and concise with a clear brand message and call-to-action, while also including modern web design and big, bold elements.

“To be honest, I was embarrassed about how outdated our website had become. We have been so busy helping our customers that we hadn’t taken the time to update our own marketing.”

– Tim Fahndrich, President & CEO

This upgrade has been long-anticipated by our team, and we are overjoyed to finally be able to share a clearer picture of our company with all of you.

Third River Marketing Website Home Page Section 1

When someone first comes to our website, they are greeted with custom photography (done in-house) and bright colors that amplify the Third River Marketing brand. Front and center, we emphasize:

  • What we offer (“Marketing That Works For Local Businesses”)
  • How it will make our customer’s life better (they will “stand out from the competition so they can be confident in their marketing and grow their business”)
  • What they need to do to get started (“Schedule a Call”)

Our star rating is prominently displayed in the top left corner of the site to show positive social proof and link to our WhirLocal profile, and our phone number is located in the top right corner to make it easier to contact us. Underneath the hero image, we use prime website real estate to highlight three strong benefits of using our services.

In the lower left corner, a hovering ADA widget offers accessibility options such as text reading, image descriptions, and magnification. This ADA widget is included in all websites designed by Third River Marketing. 

Third River Marketing Website Home Page Section 2

The second section of the homepage defines the problem many of our customers and potential customers face: they are overwhelmed and frustrated with their marketing. Already, we’ve addressed a pain point that draws people in, thinking: “Yes! I am overwhelmed and frustrated with my marketing! Now, how do I fix that?” They are presented with an opportunity to schedule a call or keep scrolling to learn more.

Third River Marketing Website Home Page Section 3

The next section provides the solution to their problem: working with a trusted local partner (that’s us!) with a proven marketing framework. In addition, we outline four significant ways we help our customers stand out online. If they like what they see, the call-to-action button gives them a quick and easy way to schedule a call. 

Third River Marketing Website Home Page Section 4

In this section we highlight the fact that we are a small local business in the heart of Salem and we understand what it’s like to try to grow a business. We want to connect with other local business owners in Salem to help them stand out above the competition and grow their business.

Third River Marketing Website Home Page Section 5

One of our favorite parts of the home page is the section where we describe the core of our services—also known as our proven marketing solutions. Big icons with our brand colors engage potential customers and further explain what we can do for them. When businesses work with us, we help them with:

  • Brand Messaging
  • WordPress Web Design
  • Local SEO
  • Testimonials & Social Proof
  • Reputation & Brand Management
  • Social Media & Content Marketing
  • Sales Funnels
  • Paid Digital Advertising

Additionally, we wanted to include that we are the proud creators of WhirLocal, a platform that makes it easy to generate a steady stream of positive testimonials and stand out above the competition. 

Third River Marketing Website Home Page Section 6

Working with us is easy as 1, 2, 3. No, really—our three-step process makes it easier than ever to get started and grow your business. The “Schedule A Call” button is again front and center, allowing potential customers to take action at nearly any point in the home page. 

Third River Marketing Website Home Page Section 7

We wholeheartedly believe that positive testimonials and social proof are the bread and butter of an online presence, which is why we included some great testimonials on the home page, along with a carousel of logos from the companies we’ve worked with. 

Third River Marketing Website Home Page Section 8

Third River Marketing Website Home Page Section 9

One of our core values as a company is to “Learn Something New Every Day.” We are committed to living out this principle in both formal and informal ways, and we are excited to announce Tim is officially a Certified StoryBrand Guide ®. We are proud of all our certifications—but know that our expertise doesn’t stop there. As a team, we have a combined 90+ years of marketing experience and always find satisfaction in putting that experience to work for our customers. 

Third River Marketing Website Home Page Section 9.1

Finally, we include an opportunity to download our free PDF called “10 Ninja Hacks to Stand Out From Your Competition & Grow Your Local Business,” which is a powerful resource of online tips we created and implemented in our own marketing. 

By implementing the StoryBrand ® framework along with clean website design, we now have a clear brand message, a straightforward plan, and a website that we can be proud of again. This update gives us a completely updated sales funnel and allows us to practice what we preach.”

– Tim Fahndrich, President & CEO

Keys to transforming Third River Marketing’s online presence:

  • Clear brand message and personal voice
  • Clear call-to-action (“Schedule a Call”)
  • Large photos, cohesive colors, and modern design
  • Scannable sections
  • Testimonials and social proof
  • Easily-found contact information
  • Accessibility assistance


Visit the site: Third River Marketing (https://thirdrivermarketing.com).

Check out the before and after photos in our gallery below.