We recently had the chance to come alongside Kingwood Bible Church (KBC) in West Salem, Oregon, and design a new website for them that is welcoming, modern, and accessible. With a refreshing contemporary look and improved navigation, KBC’s website now offers an immediate glimpse into who they are, ways to get involved, and how to get connected. 

Kingwood Bible Website Home Page Section 1

A photo from one of KBC’s services is the first thing visitors see when they open KBC’s website. Immediately they are welcomed by KBC’s message, “We have room for you,” followed by a link to connect with the church. To the right, we included an easy-to-find link to watch the Sunday church service online. The phone number and social media links to Facebook and Instagram in the top right corner follow the user as they scroll or click on other pages, making it easy to call or connect on social media wherever they are on the site. In the lower left corner, a hovering ADA widget offers accessibility options such as text reading, image descriptions, and magnification. This ADA widget is included in all new Third River Marketing websites. 

Kingwood Bible Website Home Page Section 2

The second section of the homepage outlines three of KBC’s desires for their community: “Value the Word of God,” “Grow More Like Jesus,” and “Come Grow With Us.” This messaging strongly supports KBC’s community-oriented values as they welcome others to connect with them. The second homepage section also prominently features KBC’s latest news and updates, a call-to-action to connect, and the church’s latest sermon. This section utilizes the full width of the website while still creating aesthetic space between segments. Notice, also, the ADA widget stays available on the left side of the page as you scroll. 

Kingwood Bible Website Home Page Section 3

KBC’s new website also highlights their main areas of ministry with descriptions and links to individual pages with more information. Above, the “Connect With Us” message is reinforced with three clear action steps: Connect, Get Involved, and Grow. By tying in the orange color of the KBC logo in elements such as icons, buttons, and other widgets, we create a cohesive website browsing experience.

Kingwood Bible Website Home Page Section 4

Personal content is key! A written message from the pastor, video message from the pastor, and background photo of the church creates a trifecta of powerful, personalized content from KBC. 

Kingwood Bible Website Home Page Section 5

In the last main section of the home page, KBC extends a warm welcome to those who are new to the area or their church. This message reiterates KBC’s community-oriented values and desires for their church family, followed by another opportunity to connect.

Kingwood Bible Website Home Page Section 6

Finally, all Third River Marketing websites have a footer section with contact information and other navigational items. For KBC, we included the weekly service times, a link to giving online, the most recent sermon, and a footer menu. 

We are excited for Kingwood Bible Church to be able to use their new website and connect with the community. We are also very thankful for the kind words Pastor Nathan Ensz had to say about our work: 

“Wow!! Your team does incredible work! Excellent. I love it. It coincides with what I read a couple of years ago about ‘most successful church websites.’ Thank you Tim & Pam! You guys are a true blessing.”

Keys to transforming Kingwood Bible Church’s online presence:

  • Emphasized call-to-action (“Connect With Us”)
  • Consistent messaging and personal voice (“We have room for you”)
  • Large photos, cohesive colors, and modern design
  • Easily-found contact information
  • Accessibility assistance
  • Converted all previous sermon MP3 files into a podcast that can be found on all major podcast platforms


Visit the site: Kingwood Bible Church (https://kingwoodbible.net/).

Check out the before and after photos in our gallery below.