We were recently able to come alongside Cascade Collections, Inc. to transform their website and brand message. The goal for the new site was to make it modern, accessible, and understandable. Cascade Collections prides themselves as being “The Collection Agency With A Heart,” and their new website clearly communicates that identity. 

Cascade Collections Website Homepage Section 1

The home page immediately gives an example of what consumers can expect when they work with Cascade Collections, Inc., including: 

  • Who Cascade Collections is (“Collection Agency With A Heart”)
  • How they will make consumers’ lives better (They will “help you pay off your bill & thrive”)
  • What consumers can do to get started (“Contact Us” or “Business? Click Here”)
  • Three benefits of working with their company over other collection agencies (“We Treat You With Dignity & Respect,” “Get Control Of Your Finances,” and “Pay Off Your Bill & Thrive”). 


Cascade Collections’ phone number is featured in the top right corner to make it easy to call. The “Pay Your Bill” and “Client Portal” buttons are also conveniently located next to the phone number and are accessible from every webpage. A simplified menu structure greatly improves navigation and user experience, and the menu stays visible as the user scrolls through the site. Bright greens and blues—along with engaging background images—complement the new modern theme.

In the lower left corner, a hovering ADA widget offers accessibility options such as text reading, image descriptions, and magnification. This ADA widget is included in all websites designed by Third River Marketing. 

Cascade Collections Website Homepage Section 2

The second section of the homepage seeks to connect with someone who has just received a collection notice. Cascade Collections knows collection notices can make people feel scared, overwhelmed, embarrassed, or confused—and they want to help. By empathizing with the consumer, Cascade Collections starts connecting with consumers before anyone picks up the phone or begins an email. The following “Contact Us” button leads website visitors to start a conversation and learn more about how Cascade Collections can come alongside their situation. 

Cascade Collections Website Homepage Section 3

The next section continues to reach distressed consumers through the words “You’re Not Alone. We’re Here To Help.” Cascade Collections proudly believes in the “Collector’s Pledge,” which asserts that they will “make it [their] responsibility to help consumers pay their just debts” and that “every person should be treated with dignity and respect.” The repeated call-to-action button reinforces what someone should do to get started.

Cascade Collections Website Homepage Section 4

Sometimes, the words “We Understand” can be a game-changer for someone in a tough situation. In this section, Cascade Collections reassures consumers that professionalism, integrity, and respect are their top priorities. This consumer-centric messaging communicates the idea that working with Cascade Collections will help consumers get back on their feet and feel respected throughout the whole process.

Cascade Collections Website Homepage Section 5

Working with Cascade Collections is an easy three-step plan:

  • Contact Us Today
  • Develop A Plan
  • Pay Off Your Bill

Breaking the process down into a three-step plan helps consumers easily visualize the path to their end goal: paying off their bill. The “Contact Us” button is again front and center, allowing consumers to take action at nearly any point in the home page.

Cascade Collections Website Homepage Section 6

We wholeheartedly believe that positive testimonials and social proof are the key to a powerful online presence, which is why we included some great testimonials on the home page. These consumer testimonials support Cascade Collections’ professional work ethic and integrity.

Cascade Collections Website Homepage Section 7

The last section of the website sums up the consumer’s journey (and three-step plan) into one statement: “Contact us today so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and let’s develop a plan to pay off your bill so you can feel relieved and thrive.” By pairing this message with triumphant imagery and a call-to-action, consumers are likely to feel confident in taking the next step of contacting Cascade Collections.

Cascade Collections Website Homepage Section 8

Finally, in the website footer, Cascade Collections shares more about their services for businesses, includes links to their interior pages, and lists their contact information for easy accessibility. This footer is visible on each page of their website.

Keys to transforming Cascade Collections’ online presence:

  • Clear brand message and personal voice throughout the site
  • Clear call-to-action (“Contact Us”)
  • Welcoming photos, engaging colors, and modern design
  • Scannable sections
  • Mobile-responsive 
  • Testimonials and social proof
  • Easily-found contact information
  • Accessibility assistance


Visit the site: Cascade Collections, Inc. (https://cascadecollections.com).

Check out the before and after photos in our gallery below.