Nava Massage Therapy

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5 Star Review By Lauren Settembrini

Y’all, Audrey is the real deal. I’ve been to plenty of massage therapists, and none of them have approached my healing the way she has. I have never doubted that she truly cares about me experiencing wholeness, and never felt like I was just the next client on her schedule for the day. And her genuine nature is completely matched by her competence as a massage therapist. Her massages are not the typical “have an easy relaxing day at the spa” type - they are deep work with actual results. So worth it.

Lauren Settembrini Aug 13th, 2019 Google

5 Star Review By Kelsie Keen

Audrey is a miracle worker. I started going to her because I was feeling achey and tight after hip surgery. I went thinking I was just going to get a massage, but Audrey gives so much more. She asks questions, gets to the root of my issues, and helps me work through emotional and mental knots as well as muscular ones. :) I'm so thankful I found her and I can't wait for my fourth visit next week!

Kelsie Keen Jul 30th, 2019 Google